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Here you have the option to generate new pseudonyms or insert pseudonym pairs from external data sources.
You can also search, copy, technical anonymise and delete a pseudonym after selecting a domain or open a psn tree.




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Pseudonyms will be displayed after selecting a domain.
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Right-click on a row opens additional options
Anonymisation means that the pseudonym is kept and the original value is replaced by a new random value. Thus the pseudonym is still known but a conclusion from the pseudonym to the original value is impossible.
Do you really want to anonymise the pseudonym null irreversibly?
Deleting removes the original value and pseudonym from the domain.
Do you really want to delete the pseudonym null irreversibly from the domain null?
Generate new pseudonym
Creates a random, unique pseudonym in the domain and assigns it to the original value.
Enter external pseudonym
Saves the unique assignment of original value and pseudonym in the domain.
Show tree