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About the gPAS

The use of pseudonyms is a privacy-enhancing technique supporting privacy-by-design and ensuring non-attribution. Pseudonymisation allows storing directly person identifying data separately and securely from medical data and supports the data controller to meet the GDPR‡s data security requirements (Art. 32 lit. 1 EU GDPR).

To facilitate the generation and administration of appropriate pseudonyms the Institute for Community Medicine of the University Medicine Greifswald (UMG) developed the web-service-based gPAS.

The use of pseudonymisation domains, the specification of individual alphabets and generator algorithms allow for the free generation of different pseudonyms per data source, application context or study site.

Additional Information

License: AGPLv3
Copyright: 2013 - 2022 Independent Trusted Third Party of the University Medicine Greifswald
Contact: Form

Concept and implementation: Lars Geidel
Web-Client: Arne Blumentritt, Martin Bialke, Frank-Michael Moser
Docker: Ronny Schuldt
TTP-FHIR Gateway for gPAS: M. Bialke, P. Penndorf, L. Geidel, S. Lang

User Manual

The current version of the user manual (German) for the gPAS® is available at


The gPAS was developed by the University Medicine Greifswald (Institute for Community Medicine) and published in 2013 as part of the MOSAIC Project (funded by the DFG HO 1937/2-1).
Selected functionalities of the gPAS® were developed as part of the following research projects:

  • MIRACUM (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 01ZZ1801M)

Please cite our publications: